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Robert Brazile (True) Rookie Cards

With their 1st Pick in the 1st Round in the 1975 NFL Draft, the Houston Oilers selected Robert Brazile from Jackson State University. Robert Brazile has one true rookie card.

Robert Brazile, a Trailblazing Linebacker

Nicknamed, “Dr. Doom” played his entire 10-year career (1975-1984) with the Houston Oilers.

His craft was the outside linebacker position but obviously, he was no ordinary linebacker.

Brazile set a new standard for the position and for his entire career he maintained a standard of excellence.

He is credited for being the first outside linebacker to rush the quarterback.

Typical duties of outside linebackers of this era were to defend the outside containment, more specifically the strong and weak sides.

Brazile had a different idea and it proved to be very effective and when he wasn’t rushing the QB he would drop back and had much success in covering the pass and/or defending against the run.

He was so efficient opponents would frequently avoid his side of the field. That’s epic!

Robert Brazile an NFL Iron Man

In his 1975 rookie season, Brazile won the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

He was intense with extreme mobility and strength. Most impressive is his durability, he has the most consecutive games played in the linebacker position with 147.

Please allow me to repeat this fun fact of Robert Brazile. He played for 10 years, a total of 147 games and he never missed one of those games! 147 consecutive games! Amazing.

Career Stats & Accomplishments

According to Robert Brazile career stats are: 147 Games | 13 Interceptions | 201 Yards Returned From Interceptions.


  • 7x Pro Bowler
  • 2x All-Pro
  • 1975 NFL Defensive Player of the Year
  • 1975 NFL All-Rookie Team
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame All-1970s Team
  • Hall of Fame Induction 2018

Robert Brazile True Rookie Cards:

1976 Topps, #424 (RC)

The true rookie card of Robert Brazile can be found in the 1976 Topps set, card number 424.

The photo appears to show Brazile on the sidelines looking in the direction of the end zone, perhaps watching his offense getting close to the goal line.

I love the football with team name but must admit it reminds me of one of those chocolate Easter eggs due to that hot pink color.

The card back is divided up into three sections: player name and bio, excellent commentary pertaining to Brazile, and an unrelated trivia question. Personally, I like the card number inside the helmet.

Oddly enough the Topps logo is not on the card front instead it’s on the back upper right corner. Of all the Topps logo designs this one is my favorite.

1977 Topps, #240 (PRT)

There aren’t many options for early Brazile cards. His true rookie card featured above is the very first image of him on card board.

There are no postcards, nor O-Pee-Chee brands for mid ’70s football but we do have this very nice 2nd year card or should I say Post-Rookie Theme card.

For cards prior to 1981 or should I say, for vintage these types of cards have become a legit viable option. They have become a collecting niche especially when the rookie card gets out of reach financially.

This is a great portrait photo of Brazile, great overall card design, and the commentary on the back of the card speaks of all his rookie season accomplishments. Just an overall fantastic card.

1977 Topps Mexican, #240 (PRT)

If rarity and oddball cards are your cup of tea you’re in luck. This 528 card set mimics the 1977 Topps brand entirely with only one exception, it’s written entirely in Spanish with zero English translation.

“This was a one-off set printed in New Mexico City and distributed only in Mexico” says, Jim Ragsdale, long time PSA Set Registry Collector of 1977 Topps Mexican.

The printing quality is very crude. Low quality paper stock, and perforated, it’s believed these were hand torn and inserted into packs that were horribly correlated. Therefore, making some cards really hard to find. Overall these were printed in much smaller supply.

Currently, PSA Population reports show only 36 of these Topps Mexican cards have been graded. Really interesting and a viable option for any Robert Brazile or Hall of Fame collector.

I hope you enjoyed. If you would like to read more about linebackers check out the rookie cards of Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher right here.

Happy Collecting Collectors,

Learn. Collect. Enjoy.