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Brian Urlacher (True) Rookie Cards

With the 9th Overall Pick in the 1st Round of the 2000 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears selected Brian Urlacher from New Mexico University. Brian Urlacher has 49 true rookie cards and 56 parallels.

Urlacher’s Leadership

Brian Urlacher was a linebacker with great hands and speed, he was the type of football player that was expected to get a sack, he was expected to get the interception, the big hit, and when it came to crunch time everyone expected him to make it happen.

Why did they expect that? Because that’s what he consistently delivered.

Former coach Ron Rivera spoke with Writer Larry Mayer and said this about Brian Urlacher,

“…when necessary he would take over a game because that’s what Hall of Famers do. If there were victory and praise he would give it to others, and when there was blame to be placed he would take that on and that earned him the respect of his teammates.”

Career Stats & Accomplishments

Brian Urlacher played all 13 seasons of his pro career with the Chicago Bears. Also worth noting, he is the 34th Hall of Famer representing the Chicago Bears, most of any team in the NFL as of 2018.

Career Stats: Games 182 | Sacks 41.5 | Tackles 1,046 | Forced Fumbles 11

Career Accomplishments:

  • 8x Pro Bowler
  • 4x All-Pro
  • 2000 All-Pro Defensive Rookie of the Year
  • 2005 All-Pro Defensive Player of the Year.

Living near Chicago I was able to watch Brian’s entire career, I am a fan, to say the least. There is a total of 49 true rookie cards and 56 parallels for a total of 105 cards.

2000 Absolute, #161 (RC)

Overall a really nice card design. I’m not a fan of the practice uniforms but the card back gives collectors something very unique, it gives the Chicago Bears 1st Round Draft Picks for the last 10 years.

Rookie cards in this set were serial-numbered to /3000. Parallels are Coaches Honors which offer silver holofoil and are #d /300. Players Honor parallel give us gold foil and are #d to only /10.

2000 Black Diamond, #166 (RC)

These Rookie Jersey Gems took the hobby by storm by offering collectors a swatch of players jerseys and inserting them into the base set making them rookie cards.

Overall card design is in the epic category, with great photography, card stock, and colors. Card back doesn’t give us much but it does congratulate us! A must-have in my collection. There is one parallel, Black Diamond Gold exists and is serial-numbered to /100.

2000 Bowman, #178 (RC)

Brown and black borders make it challenging to find mint copies. Great action photo in front, and card back gives us in your face photo, player bio, commentary, and stats. There is one parallel, Bowman Gold offers collectors a gold foil finish and is #d to /99.

2000 Bowman Chrome, #178 (RC)

The Chrome offering mimics the design given to collectors in the standard paper Bowman, therefore concerns over dark borders carry over, and the popular refractor parallels are available in this product as well and are serial-numbered to /99.

2000 Bowman’s Best, #112

Card stock and quality are high. Great photography and design embody this card front and back and the rookie cards are serial-numbered to only /1499.

Acetate parallels exist and carry a premium because collectors have grown fond of all that shine with its refractor-like technology which is also serial-numbered to /250.

2000 Collectors Edge EG, #155 (RC)

Not sure what the EG stands for, in this product, all my research came up empty. I’m left to assume it represents “Edge Gold” due to the gold foil font the card front is made of.

The card has a good action photo on the front but for me, personally, that’s about it. There are no rookie parallels in this set.

2000 CE Masters, #208 (RC)

This is an interesting card design. The manufacturer calls it Dot Matrix Hologram technology. Seems like Brian is spinning inside of a cylinder. Card back however lacks eye appeal.

The product also included the popular Holosilver parallel serial #’d to /1000 and Hologold’s #’d to /50.

2000 CE Odyssey-Hobby, #110 (RC)

This is a great-looking card. Green, purple and gold foil highlight the front along with a great action photo of Urlacher. Card back isn’t too shabby either, lots of colors, well thought out and balanced info brings it all together.

Most importantly they are serial-numbered to only /999 copies. Hologold Rookies is the lone parallel in this one #d to /500.

2000 CE Odyssey-Retail, #110 (RC)

If the hobby version didn’t exist this would be a great card. Even though it has great design, photography, and color it still seems like a watered-down version of the hobby version.

Why? All the foil has been removed from the card front and they are not serial numbered. However, it’s still an RC of a HOF’er! There are no parallels in this offering.

2000 CE Supreme, #190 (RC)

This is a 190 card set, and guess who has the last card in the set? Our featured HOF’er of course. These are serial-numbered to 2000 and the overall card design lacks ingenuity. In fact, they even re-used the same photo they used in the Collectors Edge EG product.

The card back has a fuzzy canvas look to it and the big white text box in the center has me scratching my head. BUT! It’s still an RC of a HOF’er. A holo-gold parallel exists and is #d to /20.

2000 CE T3-Hobby, #161 (RC)

The overall theme of this card has me confused. I don’t know what the “T3” represents. I don’t know what the card design is about either, is this a foul pole?

One positive is these are serial-numbered to /999. Parallels are Holo-Platinum’s #d to /500 and Holo-Reds #d to /50. Ah, Ha moment! Maybe the T3 signifies three tiers?!

2000 CE T3-Retail, #161 (RC)

This retail version has much better eye appeal than its hobby counterpart above. However, no serial numbers and no parallels.

2000 Donruss, #153 (RC)

Dark borders front and back make it difficult to find mint copies of this thin papered beauty. Although I’m not a fan of practice photos everything else I really appreciate.

A full photo of the stadium in the back of the card is genius and serial numbers are always a plus. Parallels do exist; Stat Line Season #d to /90 and Stat Line Career #d to /3.

2000 Donruss Elite, #138 (RC)

The photo doesn’t do it justice but this mirrored beauty has tremendous eye appeal. However, I’m not a fan of college uniforms on NFL products.

The card back can be challenging with dark borders on the sides but overall very nice and are #d to 2000; surprisingly the first 500 of these are die-cut. Parallels include Aspirations #d to /56 and Elite Status #d to /54.

2000 EX, #140 (RC)

This one is an absolute stunner! Card stock is quality, card design unique, and serial-numbered to /1500 is perfect.

The full action photo in the front is fantastic however, the reverse negative photo in the back is the only foul. One parallel is inserted, Essential Credentials Futures #d to 25.

2000 Finest, #151 (RC)

This card scores huge in every aspect. Card quality and design are a step above the rest. Card back gives player bio which includes draft info, full college stats, and great overall card design with fabulous color.

There are Gold Refractor parallels with a deckle edge and serial-numbered to /200.

2000 Fleer Focus, #209 (RC)

Photography not the greatest on this one. It’s a practice photo with a coach or someone to his right taking up lots of card space – looks terrible. The card back gives us nothing to brag about and serial-numbered to /3999 means there’s plenty to go around.

However, it’s still an RC of a HOF’er. One parallel does exist, Draft Position, they took the player’s draft position and added 100. So this means Urlacher was drafted 9th in the first round so this parallel is #d to /109.

2000 Fleer Gamers, #112 (RC)

Overall a very nice card design front and back. I really appreciate how they replaced the identifier “rookie” with the term Next Gamers.

This one is not serial-numbered and neither is the only parallel in the set, Fleer Gamers Extra, it offers a gold foil front with the word EXTRA in bold font.

2000 Fleer Showcase, #131 (RC)

Only 160 cards complete the Showcase set. Quality card stock and design feature this rookie card serial-numbered to /2000. Up close look into Urlacher’s eyes kinda creeps me out but other than that this one is a must-have.

Parallels include Legacy in red foil #d to /20. Also, Rookie Showcase First which mimics the base rookie but it’s horizontal and #d to /250.

2000 Fleer Tradition, #309 (RC)

Staying true to name Tradition goes old school with a dual portrait/action photo for the front and pure cardboard in the back. No serial numbers nor parallels for this one.

2000 Greats of the Game, #132 (RC)

This 134 card set was most popular for its large autograph checklist of Hall of Famers and Pro-Bowlers. But cards 131-134 were added at the last second as redemptions and limited to only /500. This is definitely a hard one to find.

2000 Leaf Certified, #157 (RC)

Dark borders make this one condition sensitive. Practice uniform is a negative but that silver foil explosion in the background makes up for it.

Decent card back giving us everything a good card back should and #d to /2000. Parallels include Mirror Red with no serial number and Mirror Gold which are #d to 30.

2000 Leaf Limited, #423 (RC)

Thick card stock and dark borders make this one difficult to find in mint condition. Beautiful card design that offers collectors a dated game-worn jersey/football swatch.

The card back fails to deliver a player photo, bio, and stats but does deliver in being serial-numbered to 1000. Parallels are the Limited Edition which has enhanced rainbow color and is #d to 25.

2000 Leaf Rookies & Stars, #182 (RC)

This is a 300 card set and features 160 rookies including 40 European Prospects. This large rookie checklist does not fail to deliver a complete card design either. The card front and back on this one is a beauty.

Everything a great card should have is found right here and it’s #d to /1000. Parallels include Longevity which has a silver foil and serial-numbered to only /30.

2000 Metal, #274 (RC)

Made of cardboard but designed to look like metal this 300 card set has 50 short-printed rookie cards that are in the horizontal position, the rest of the set is in the vertical position.

These SP rookies also have a bronze-colored ink used in the front while the rest of the set uses silver ink. One parallel, Emerald Green is not serial numbered, a shade of green runs across the top of the card, and on the back right below the card number, you’ll see “E”.

2000 Pacific Prism Prospects, #116 (RC)

This 200 card set features 100 rookies. Not a fan of any uniform other than the NFL so that’s a negative for me. The holofoil background gives an abundance of shine which is always a good thing. It’s serial-numbered to /1000 and there are no parallels of this card.

2000 Paramount, #45 (RC)

This card has a clean design with a twist. The card sits on white borders and the color scheme is meant to match the color of their NFL team colors. The Chicago Bears are navy blue and orange so is the color scheme of this beauty.

More of the same on card back however, stats are hard to read and there is no player bio.

If you like parallels this is your set. Holo-Gold serial-numbered to /130, Holo-Silver #’d to /85, Platinum Blue #’d to /75, Premiere Date has a gold foil seal and is #d to /79. All parallels are stamped on the card front.

2000 Playoff Contenders, #103 (RC)

Now we’re getting into the big-boy cards with this premium product offered by Playoff. One of the most sought-after rookie cards and one of the most valuable.

Rookie Ticket theme offers an on-card autograph and NFL team colors throughout the front and back of design which is an absolute stunner of a card.

BUT there’s that practice uniform again! Uggh! One parallel, Championship Ticket also autographed serial-numbered to /100.

2000 Playoff Momentum, #137 (RC)

Although Playoff seemed to use the photos from the same practice shoot this is a very nice-looking card. Handsome card design with the browns, blues, and silvers stamped with white lettering really gives this one lot of eye appeal.

This base rookie is numbered to /750 and parallels include: Momentum O’s #’d to 10 and Momentum X’s #’d to 9.

2000 Quantum Leaf, #312 (RC)

Full action photo portraying Urlacher in his college uniform. The silver foil background gives it a cool refractor-ish look.

The base card rookies are un-numbered but if that’s your thing no worries there are multiple parallels in this one. Infinity Green #’d to /75, Red #’d to /35, and Purple #’d to /15.

2000 Score, #288 (RC)

Great action photo but more college uniforms. However, I can appreciate the border colors matching the college uniform, gives it great eye appeal. The card back looks good too, overall for a basic paper product Score put out a great design.

Parallels include, Final Score – stamped on the right side of card front with enhanced gold foil #’d to /31. Score Card – stamped on the right side of card front too with the gold foil of course #’d to /2000.

2000 Skybox, #225 (RC)

Brian Urlacher 2000 Skybox #225 (side a)

Full action photo with NFL uniform. Clean card design and the back has everything a great card back is supposed to have.

There is a second card included in the base set with the same card number 225H, these were included as short print horizontals variants, and are serial-numbered to /2000.

Hobby standards believe variants of this nature can be considered true rookie cards so long as the variant has the same card number on the card back and the sets checklist.

Parallels include Star Rubies – red foil on the card front and it’s NOT serial #’d. Star Rubies Extreme – gives us more red foil on the card front and is #’d to /50.

2000 Skybox Dominion, #242 (RC)

This is my least favorite rookie card of Mr. Urlacher. The hobby typically frowns on dual rookie cards then we have college uniforms with no team logos. Umm, no thank you.

The card back only gives commentary and that’s it. BUT! it is an official rookie card of a HOFer so for that reason alone I respect it. One parallel does exist in this set “Extra” it has a mirror background with gold foil font on the card front and is NOT serial numbered.

2000 SP Authentic, #122 (RC)

This premium product, white boarded beauty is a must-have in my collection. Check out that Linebacker “watch yourself” pose. Clean, crisp card design front and back, serial-numbered to only /1250 copies. No parallels exist for this product.

2000 SPx, #134 (RC)

Upper Deck was soaring high as they dominated the industry by offering collectors beautiful card designs such as these. However, in hindsight not a fan of the back of the card.

Reused photo from front and Congratulations for having me, that’s it. One parallel in this one, SPX Spectrum offers collectors red foil highlights on card front instead of silver and autograph serial #’d /25.

2000 Topps, #383 (RC)

One of Topps best modern-day designs. Great photography, color scheme, and lines give this one lot of eye appeal and the card back has everything a legit card should have: photo, extended player bio, full college stats, and good commentary.

This is a must-have in any collection. The lone parallel exists in the form of a completely sealed set with “Topps Collection” stamped in gold foil on card fronts. They are NOT serial-numbered.

2000 Topps Chrome, #253 (RC)

Not as clean as the Topps version. Something in the printing gave these card fronts a dark hazy look. However, they are #’d to /1650. The popular refractor (rainbow holo-foil effect) parallels exist for these but are much harder to find because their #’d to /150.

2000 Topps Stars, #170 (RC)

Wow! Umm! Yeah! However, it’s still a rookie card of a Hall of Famer. There is one parallel, Topps Stars Green which has green foil font in the front of the card and is serial-numbered to /99.

2000 UD Graded, #111 (RC)

These are serial-numbered to /1325 with no parallels. Not sure why they opted to use the same photo two times on the same side so I consider it a design foul. The card back is not much to brag about either. A rare Upper Deck miscue for sure.

2000 UD Ionix, #97 (RC)

This was a retail-only product and shows Urlacher in his New Mexico University uniform, some collectors are a fan of college uniforms on cards and others like myself are not.

Overall, a really nice looking card with a “futuristic” design. They are serial-numbered to /2000 and there are no parallels in the set.

2000 Upper Deck, #251 (RC)

Setting up like a tiger ready to pounce is the photo offered to collectors in this great design. They are not serial numbered but mint – gem mint copies are hard to come by due to the dark blue borders.

The card back lacks photos but offers a clean basic design. Parallels are, Exclusives Silver #’d to /100 and Exclusives Gold #’d to /25.

2000 Upper Deck Encore, #251 (RC)

Rockstars typically come back on stage for an encore and that’s what Upper Decks Encore offers collectors. Returning with a dark green-gold foil front and a green-tinted background on the cards back. They are not serial numbered and there are no parallels.

2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve, #179 (RC)

This was a retail-only product and offers collectors a premium product design. Rookie Action theme is serial-numbered to /2500 and is showing Mr. Urlacher smiling and seemingly saying hello to the opposing quarterback, that would be intimidating.

The card back gives a nice portrait and offers everything a good card back should have. There are no parallels.

2000 Upper Deck Legends, #105 (RC)

In hindsight, the theme of this one is really cool. The title “NFL Legends” immediately gets my attention. The subtitle, “Generation Y2K” really is in tune with the news headlines of the day as the Y2K scare was prevalent.

By the start of the 2000 football season, the Y2K threat was proven to be non-threatening. Then we have the card appropriately serial-numbered to /2000. No parallels are featured in this set.

2000 Upper Deck MVP, #192 (RC)

This is Upper Decks budget-friendly product but don’t be fooled because it packs a lot of punch. Solid card design front and back earn my respect.

Parallels include Silver Script which offers a silver facsimile signature. Gold Script – offers a gold facsimile signature and is serial-numbered to /100, and finally Super Script – holographic foil with gold facsimile signature #d to /25.

2000 Upper Deck Ovation, #77 (RC)

This is a small 90 card set. It offers 30 rookies with a World Premiere theme serial-numbered to /2500. Nice portrait photo with Chicago Bears Soldier Field in the background. Parallel includes “Standing Ovation” serial-numbered to /50.

2000 UD Pros & Prospects, #93 (RC)

This one hurts the eyes a bit. First off we used recycled photos. Also, plastered all over the front of the card are these random pixellated boxes. More of the same on the card back, its only saving grace is that they’re #d to /1000. No parallels are offered in this set.

2000 UD Victory, #274 (RC)

A pose fit for the cover of Sports Illustrated! Look at the wrist on this guy. Beautiful card design here by Upper Deck.

The card back has a great design also. A must-have in my collection. Although not serial numbered they we’re promoted as short print. There are no parallels featured in this set.

2000 UD Ultimate Victory, #94 (RC)

It gets better folks. Here is the Ultimate Victory version that mimics its parent. However, now you have red-foil highlights. Serial numbered to /2000 and the back has an amazing red border that may make it challenging to find mint copies due to chipping.

Three parallels in this one but they lack a theme because they are basic by name: “Parallel” has a shimmer design front and brown borders in the back; “Parallel 100” you guessed it #d to 100, and ironically “Parallel 25” yes #’d to 25.

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Happy Collecting, Collectors

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