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Ty Law (True) Rookie Cards

With the 23rd overall pick of the 1st Round in the 1995 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots selected Ty Law from the University of Michigan. He has 11 official rookie cards and 9 parallels.

In the game of football, the cornerback is a member of the defensive backfield also known as the secondary. Their primary job is to cover receivers and defend against offensive plays by creating turnovers or by deflecting the ball to break up the play. These are the skill sets that Ty Law excelled in.

The Recipe to Ty Law’s Success

Ty Law tells a touching story of his grandfather. He loved and raised Ty at a young age and credits him for fostering his athletic ability. He recalls his grandfather taking him to every practice from age 7 all through high school.

When he went to college his grandfather went out of his way to provide Ty with a vehicle so he can get back and forth to practice.

Ty developed a mindset that he claims helped him succeed in life, “belief in yourself” this message reiterated all throughout his Hall of Fame speech. He ended his speech with this powerful statement.

“You can’t wait for somebody else to validate your purpose – you have to believe it yourself, you can’t wait for somebody else to tell you that your great – you have to believe it yourself, and you can’t wait for society to tell you that your beautiful and a good person – you have to believe that for yourself.”

Career Stats & Accomplishments

Law played for a total of 15 years. 10 years with the New England Patriots, 2 years with Kansas City, 2 years with New York Jets, and finally finishing his career with the Denver Broncos.

He has 53 career interceptions and ranks 24th all-time just ahead of Deion Sanders, he also has 7 career touchdowns all coming from interceptions.

  • 5x Pro-Bowler
  • 2x All Pro-Bowler
  • 3x Super Bowl Champion

1995 Action Packed, #116 (RC)

This premiere set issued by Pinnacle is a 126 card set. Full action borderless front shows Ty Law in his college uniform. The rookie and team logos on the upper left corner go very nicely together.

The card back is very creative and bold giving us everything a good card back should have; photo, stats, player bio, and commentary. There is one parallel in the set, QuickSilver, and is inserted 1:6 packs.

1995 Bowman, #23 (RC)

The very large 357 card Bowman set is not one of my favorites. The action photo is average at best and I just don’t get what they were trying to accomplish with the design of the card front.

The card back doesn’t have much to offer as far as eye-appeal goes either. There are no parallels for this card.

1995 Bowman’s Best, #R23 (RC)

Bowman’s Best is one of this year’s high-end products. Great quality card stock is used. Design is of bluestone or marble edge which partially surrounds action photo on the card front.

The recycled photo on the back of the card is redundant and player stats are lacking. It’s saving grace is the card quality and it’s only parallel, the beloved Refractor which are inserted 1:6 packs.

1995 Collector’s Choice, #19 (RC)

The wallet-friendly Collector’s Choice brand was ideal for young collectors. The full-action photo displays Ty Law in his college uniform.

No borders are present around the photo but the Rookie Class logo at the lower left of the card front can help us determine proper centering.

The card back is colorful and gives lots of commentaries but lacks stats. Two parallels were included with this set. The ‘Players Club’ silver foil logo stamped on the front of the card were inserted 1:1 packs and Platinum Players Club inserted 1:35.

1995 Images Limited, #99 (RC)

Card manufacturer Classic held an NFL License in 1995 and offered collectors this 125 card set. The card front features a full action photo with lots of shadowy dark edges to this design.

The background has a foil starburst technology that stands out under light which gives it a nice touch. The Card back offers another full action photo but lacks in player bio and commentary. There are no parallels for this set.

1995 Pro-Line, #23 (RC)

Another product licensed and produced by Classic is the 95 Pro-Line. A very simple, clean design shows Law in his college uniform. The card back is balanced out nicely too giving us everything a good card back should have.

There are three parallels for your liking. Silvers 1 per pack, Printer’s Proof 1:18 packs, and Printer’s Proof Silver 1:36 packs.

1995 Skybox Impact, #187 (RC)

This 200 card set includes a subset, Impact Rookies, cards 169-198. The card design features Law in his college uniform. Big bold font tells us that Law is a ‘Rookie’ in gold foil which is a nice touch but that much foil can make Gem Mint copies next to impossible to find due to surface scratches.

The card back is very well designed with nice colors and full collegiate stats. There are no parallels for this set.

1995 Skybox Premium, #177 (RC)

Skybox’s high-end product of 1995 features Ty Law in his practice uniform. The background is blurred and plastered with the word ‘rookie.’ A really sharp-looking brand logo on the upper left side makes this one really stand out.

The card back is really fancy and gives us a lot to look at and is the only rookie card that gives collectors a portrait photo of Ty Law without a helmet on. There are no parallels in this set.

1995 SP, #174 (RC)

Upper Deck’s SP brand is perhaps his most sought-after rookie card. Collectors have drawn to this one as the key card to get of Ty Law.

The high-end card stock, fantastic photography, silver holoview edge, and that handsome Rookie logo at the lower right side of the card make this one a must-have for any collection.

More greatness on the card back as all necessities have been included. There are no parallels in this set.

1995 SP Championship, #30 (RC)

The SP Championship was a retail-only version of the SP brand. The foil finish front displays full action photography, The SP logo brand and Future Championship are stamped in silver foil.

The card back appears very well thought out, balanced colors and information make this one a winner. One parallel in this one, Die Cuts inserted one per pack had a die-cut design at top of the card.

1995 Ultra, #205 (RC)

This very large 550 card set was split up into two series. The RC of our featured Hall of Famer can be found in Series 1 packs. Great action photography of Ty in his college uniform. A large nameplate at bottom of the card seems more like a logo for an attorney’s office and not a football player.

I really like the overall design of the card back but what throws me off a bit is that color headshot of him in the upper right corner. Why is that there? I would’ve like to see that removed and the New England team logo in its place.

Overall, a solid card placed on sturdy card stock. One parallel for the Ultra brand, Gold Medallion are inserted 1 per pack.

Happy Collecting Collectors,

Learn. Collect. Enjoy.


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