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Parallel Rookie Cards – Helping or Hurting the Hobby?

I want us to look at parallel cards. Even more specifically, parallel rookie cards. Are they helping or hurting the hobby? This type of article is right in the wheelhouse of what this website is all about. We look at…

Mike Trout “Rookie Card!?” #Debatable

Popular media like Xfinity News, Fox Sports, TMZ Sports, and even my beloved MLB Network report that this card is a “rookie card” but according to my research, I think they got this one wrong. In this post, we’ll take…

Rookie Card Misconceptions

I was a sports card dealer/collector for 28 years before I took a 10 year hiatus. When I returned to the hobby in 2014 I noticed that there are misconceptions about the rookie card, that in my opinion, are not…

The 10 Commandments of the Rookie Card

Between 1981-2005, the hobby had grown increasingly more fond of the rookie card. New technologies and designs evolved it. But by 2005, there was a lot of consumer confusion. So we continue the history of this hobby icon and present…

History of the Rookie Card

It’s no secret. This website centers around my passion for collecting rookie cards of Hall of Famers. However, historically, it’s complicated and confusing. And it would do collectors well if we understood the history of the rookie card.