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Mickey Mantle (True) Rookie Card – Pure Americana

While playing a semipro game in the summer of 1948, a Yankee scout named Tom Greewade came to a game. Afterward, he excitedly approached Mantle and asked, “How would you like to play for the Yankees?!” Mickey Mantle has one…

Whitey Ford (True) Rookie Cards

Whitey Ford has one true rookie card. Card manufacturers skipped featuring him in any of their 1952 checklists but do feature him in their 1953 offerings. We’ll look at those too.

Sandy Koufax (True) Rookie Card

The Dodgers, Pirates, and Braves entered a bidding war for the rights to sign Sandy Koufax, but on December 14, 1954, Sandy Koufax opted to sign with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He never spent a day in the minors, and he…

Roberto Clemente (True) Rookie Card

What some may find shocking is that Roberto Clemente started his pro career by signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers on February 19, 1954, and by April of the following year, he was traded to the Pittsburg Pirates. He has one…