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Sidney Crosby (True) Rookie Cards

The first selection in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft belonged to the Pittsburg Penguins. On behalf of Mario Lemieux and the entire ownership group, Pittsburg Penguins selected Sidney Crosby from Rimouski Oceanic Major Junior League. Sidney Crosby has 18 true rookie cards with 25 parallels.

Lunch Time Conversation

Recently, I was at work and we were talking sports on our lunch break as we often do. I proposed a question to my co-workers, “In your opinion, who is a current-day hockey player that you would say is at the Tom Brady or Mike Trout level? Their choice had to be a current-day player not an all-time great.

I wanted to know if the game was on the line who is the current day go-to guy, the one they would consider clutch? Although it wasn’t unanimous 5 of 7 co-workers voted for Sid the Kid Crosby! The other two voted for Alex Ovechkin.

Now I’m sure that this may be a debatable question, I am also very aware that this was the opinion of 7 unqualified railroaders.

What Others Say of Sid-the-Kid

So I did some research on Sidney Crosby I wanted the opinion of those who are qualified, who do they say, Sidney Crosby is? What I heard and read of him tilted the scale for me.

It’s been said, “as a hockey player he is the ultimate package,” “when he takes the puck he is breathtaking,” “he is a human highlight reel,” “a rock star,” “you can’t compare him to anyone else, he is the NHL.”

Pretty powerful statements by the testimony of eyewitnesses. But that’s enough opinion let’s look at some facts.

What Makes Him So Good?

A few things stand out in Sidney’s game, it’s what sets him apart and is viewed as superhero powers. First, his edgework is phenomenal, he can turn on the dime from one direction to another in an instant and does so repeatedly until he breaks free from the defender.

Secondly, he also has a way of pushing off his defender with one arm and with the other still control the puck. Lastly, he is a Jedi Master when it comes to the quick release of the puck, he claims the power shot doesn’t work for him, mainly because goalies are so good today. But a quick release shot to the upper portion of the net is his bread and butter.

Career Stats & Accomplishments

As of the end of the 20-21 season, Sidney Crosby has completed 16 seasons, all as a member of the Penguins.

  • 8x All-Star
  • 2x Maurice Richard Trophy
  • 2x Conn Smythe Trophy
  • 3x Ted Lindsay Award
  • 2x Art Ross Trophy
  • 2x Hart Memorial Trophy
  • 3x Stanley Cup Champion
  • 2009 Mark Messier Leadership Award

As of the date of this post, his current career statistics are: 1039 Games Played | 486 Goals | 839 Assists | 1325 Points | 69 Game Winning Goals.

2005 Artifacts, #224 (RC)

Leading us off is the Artifacts made by Upper Deck. Love the NHL shield in the background. These were serial-numbered to 750. Card back gives player commentary but lacks in stats and player bio. One parallel with this one Artifacts Gold but is a one of one.

2005 Beehive, #101 (RC)

Somebody get my sunglasses. Beehive is an appropriate name for this vibrant beauty. Yellow borders are outlined in black then white borders and really make this one pop. The card back is nicely balanced and gives us gold borders instead. Parallels include Beehive: Red, Blue, Beige, Gold but none are serial numbered. Beehive Matte is available too and is #’d to 25.

2005 Black Diamond, #193 (RC)

Black Diamond offers a foil front that can easily be chipped so gem copies can be challenging to find. The back of the card does not have any photos but does give us everything else a good card back should have: stats, player bio, and commentary. Parallels are plentiful Ruby #’d/100, Emerald #’d/25, Gold #’d/10, and Onyx #’d 1/1.

2005 Hot Prospects, #276 (RC)

Only two Sidney Crosby rookie cards were made by Upper Deck competitors, both were made by Fleer. This Hot Prospects offering is the best of everything. It’s a jersey autograph and it’s serial-numbered to 199! The jersey patch is not game used it comes from the Rookie Photo Shoot but still really sweet. Parallels include Red Hot #’d/50, White Hot #’d/5 and En Fuego #’d 1/1.

2005 Ice, #106 (RC)

Beautiful card design on this one. Card back lacks quite a bit but the design makes up for it. There are no parallels to speak of but this one is serial-numbered to only /99.

2005 McDonald’s, #51 (RC)

Canadian McDonald chains partnered with Upper Deck multiple times. It is a card that was distributed only in Canadian McDonald’s restaurants and back then was fully licensed by the NHL and Players Association.

They were distributed in packs at the National level so therefore, makes them legitimate rookie cards. The relationship between the two companies was off and on. In 2005 McDonald’s decided to jump back into partnership with Upper Deck and it ruffled a lot of feathers.

Regardless of the debate, this is a great looking card that almost gives a refractor-ish kind of finish to it and a great photo. Card back gives us commentary in both English and French but fails to deliver in player bio and stats.

2005 MVP, #393 (RC)

The budget-friendly MVP gives collectors a facsimile signature and a great action photo. Gray-colored borders and thin card stock makes the corners and edges vulnerable to chipping and dings. Card back has nothing to brag about but an official rookie card of a potential Hall of Famer nonetheless. Parallels include Gold #’d/100 and Platinum #’d/25.

2005 Parkhurst, #657 (RC)

This very large hockey set offers collectors 700 cards. The overall layout and card design of the card front is very nice. The color is a bit bland but overall coincides with the card back. One parallel does exist Facsimile Autograph #’d/100.

2005 Power Play, #133 (RC)

One of my favorite Sidney Crosby rookie cards! Great full action photo accompanied with big bold letters placed in the vertical position indicating that it is indeed a rookie. I also like the way colors match the Penguins uniforms gives it all a nice cohesive look. Great design on the card back as well lacking only in stats but the overall design is fantastic! No parallels for this one.

2005 Rookie Update, #276 (RC)

This one is set up like a “Dual Autograph” but really isn’t. I love the inscription and the fact that these were #’d/199. Card back is utilized as a Certificate of Authenticity and doesn’t offer much else. A second card does exist in this set, card number 276B which is also an autograph card of Sidney but is #’d to only /23. No parallels to speak of in this set.

2005 SP Authentic, #181 (RC)

A fantastic-looking rookie card of this hockey legend. Quality card stock, fantastic card design, autographed, and #’d/999. What more could a collect ask for? One parallel for this one, SP Limited provides a piece of jersey, it’s autographed and #’d to / 100.

2005 SP Game Used, #101 (RC)

No, it’s not a fidget spinner. It’s not a master link to a bicycle chain either. It’s an RC of Sid the Kid. Is that a smirk I see on his face? Card back gives us a player bio, commentary, stats, and a master link. Lol. These are #’d/999. A couple of parallels to speak of, Gold #’d/25 and Autographs #’d/5.

2005 SPx, #191 (RC)

This one has it all. Official rookie card, piece of jersey, autographed, and serial numbered to /499. Thicker card stock on these but chipping is very common especially around the jersey inlays and dark bordered area.

Card back offers COA and notifies collectors that the jersey comes from the Rookie Photo Shoot meaning it’s not Game Used. There is one parallel available, Spectrum #’d/25.

2005 The Cup, #180 (RC)

Well, here it is folks. Crème de la crème! Here we have what the hobby calls Sidney Crosby “RPA” meaning it’s a rookie, patch, autographed card and it’s #’d to only 99 copies. RPA’s are typically the most sought after by collectors and have more monetary value than all other rookie cards. An overall beautiful card with three colors on the patch.

2005 Trilogy, #211 (RC)

Upper Deck offers a lot of foil on the card front. Decent design and #’d/999. Card back says Sidney Crosby is, “Considered a can’t miss NHL superstar.” They called that one correctly. No parallels to speak of with this one.

2005 Ultra, #251 (RC)

This borderless photo coupled with background colors really gives this one some eye appeal. The card back gives us a silhouette of Sidney and one other unique piece of information, it gives us the pronunciation of his name, that’s different!

It’s believed that cards 251-271 were inserted at a rate of 1 in 24 packs or 1 per box making this one someone of a short print. Two parallels are offered, Gold Medallions, not serial numbered. And Ice #’d/25.

2005 Upper Deck, #201 (RC)

This Young Guns rookie card can be found in Series 1 Upper Deck. It is a brand that the hobby has embraced as its mainstream favorite. A great-looking card with lots of color in the background. Card back is legit and offers everything a card back should.

High Gloss parallel is offered and gives foil etched lettering on the card front, it’s #’d/10 and is absolutely stunning. Also, Masterpiece Printing Plate but it’s one of one.

2005 Victory, #285 (RC)

This budget-friendly product with its gray borders and great card design makes this one a fan favorite. The card back is well done too. Two parallels for this beauty Gold #’d/100 and Black #’d/5.

Happy Collecting Collectors,

Learn. Collect. Enjoy.


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